Prepping 101 Basics


For basic Preparedness, we’re going to discuss the essential items you need to sustain life. As you grow in your preparedness knowledge and understanding, you will find many, many other areas you need to be fully Prepped.


Water is truly the staff of life, without it, you will die in just a few days. Assume that for whatever reason, your taps won’t work – there is no water coming into your home. What else do you have? Do you have bottled water somewhere? Did you know there is about 50 gallons of water stored in your water heater? There’s also a few gallons in the tank of your toilet! If you have an outside water source – such as a lake, creek or storm drain – do you have a way to filter it? Your first goal with water should be to be able to provide your family with 2 weeks worth of water and a way to continue filtering found water after that.


Did you know that most people in the United States have less than 2 weeks of food stored in their home?! If this includes you, it’s time to make a change! Take a look at your food supplies and estimate how long you could survive on it – for most beginners it’s pretty scary! Your first goal with food should be to have 1 month worth of meals stored, immediately after that you’re going to get 3 months worth as quickly as possible.


It is critical that you be able to control your environment in an emergency. The place to start is your home. If you live in an area where it gets very cold in the winter (as in you HAVE to run a heater to survive) then the most critical thing for you is going to be able to heat your home – or rather a section (at least one bedroom) of it. You’ll want to have a kerosene heater to keep a warm spot in your home.

These are the basic things to think about.

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