12 Months of Prepping Month 1

Its that time again  I have readjusted this years Prep list to make sure that the numbers for each month are more balanced so lets get this year started I know this year will be more difficult, since now we have to begin worrying about rotation and making sure that we have all our lists up to date of our food stores.  If you want to add one thing to your must have list buy your o2 absorbents so when we start buying beans and rice next month the o2 absorbents are already bought and paid for. Amazon has them on sale for 4 dollars for 100. Get em while they are hot!


Getting Prepared Month 2: First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Home Stafety


  • Canned vegetables – 4 per person
  • Toilet paper – 3 rolls per person
  • Sanitary napkins – 2 months’ supply
  • Instant drinks (coffee, tea, powdered soft drinks)
  • Family sized first aid kit


  • Change the batteries and test your smoke detectors. Purchase and install smoke detectors if you don’t have them
  • Make an inventory of home contents for insurance purposes. Take photographs (digital are easiest) of your house and contents. Store a copy away from your home

Giving you this list before the new year gives you plenty of time to start your first set of prep for January, I will put up Febuary’s prep list up sometime next month

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