10 Things A New Prepper Should Do

Over the past couple of years, here in America….

Contaminated water caused a complete loss of municipal services in both Ohio and West Virginia, resulting in almost a million people vying for the stock in local stores.

A small town in Missouri was under siege twice in a few months due to a police shooting of a young black man, and the officer’s subsequent acquittal.

Zika Virus

Kansas  Shooting Rampage A City under siege

Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia

Reporter and Cameraman Killed on Live TV near Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia

Contaminated water from Colorado Mines remain ongoing problem

At least two people got injured after a tornado touched down in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Magnitude 2.9 earthquake shakes Concord, New Hampshire

Death toll from the winter storm Jonas has risen to 19.

Magnitude 3.0 earthquake rattled Livermore city of California today at 07:38 pm local time, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The Nevada Seismological Laboratory has recorded at least 10 earthquakes in less than 3 hours.

About 250 people have been trapped in a massive landslide in the small remote town of Elk City in Idaho County of United States.

The largest recorded wildfire in the state, it ripped through approximately 840 square miles of land in eastern Arizona; all this from a campfire.  (2011)

After lightning hit the already drought-plagued area near Yarnell, it quickly grew to 13 square miles in size and spread unpredictably. At one point, 600 firefighters were sent to control the fire (2013).

Zimbabwe 117 Deaths, Severe Rains and downgraded cyclone left thousands Homeless 2017

China 144 + Deaths, Severe floods and other disasters 2017

Peru 200+ Deaths Flooding 2017

Afghanistan Avalanches caused by snowfall killed 156 2017

Democratic Republic of the Congo August landslide killed 174, there were 57 survivors and 280 children orphaned 2017

Sri Lanka 213 Deaths, over 2 days at the end of may 2017 heavy rainfall and strong monsoon winds caused flooding and landslides

Mexico 7.1 Magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City Sept 19 2017 killing at least 225. on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 quake that killed thousands

Columbia Massive Landslides

Sierra Leone +600 deaths landslides

South Asia +1200 Deaths Monsoons

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria

and so many more….

Now, read that and try to tell me that disasters don’t happen.  Try to say that it’s impossible that they’d happen to you. If you say this, you’re deluding yourself because the reality is too unpleasant, and we both know it. If you are ready to accept that bad things can happen and being prepared is important. I’ll tell you how to get started in a way that isn’t overwhelming. No bunkers, no wearing of tinfoil, no filtering and drinking of pee, and no building of Arks will be mentioned. That stuff is all in Prepping 101. (Kidding! or am I :P)

 How to Get Started Prepping When you begin reading websites about prepping, sometimes it can be overwhelming. You see people talking about their one-year food supplies, their bug-out lodges, their ammo collection, and their homestead that is so far out in the wilderness that they have to climb a big pine tree on top of the mountain to get an internet connection and boast online about their seclusion.

Most preppers are just regular folks with self-reliant mindset.  I am here to tell you, getting started does not require a $20,000 investment or your children feverishly packing beans and rice into Ziploc bags late into the night. ( some people do store food which is not foolish, it just means they feel their situationis much dire and needs additional prep stock).If you can store more than the average person, that is amazing, the more prepared your % goes up on how long you and your family have in case of a real emergency

There are 10 simple things you can do to get started. Lots of them are free and if you apply yourself, you can get started on all 10 steps in less than a week. All of the highlighted text is a link that will take you to related resources so you can learn more.

Every prepper knows the infamous “Survival Rule of Three”.

  • Three minutes without air.
  • Three days without water.
  • Three weeks without food.

#1. Fill up a whole bunch of empty bottles with water.

If you haven’t taken out the recycling yet this week, don’t!  You can use those empty two liter soda pop bottles and gallon water bottles to stock up on a drinking water supply. Count on a gallon a day per human and pet. (Two 2-liter bottles are approximately a gallon). If you don’t have any containers you can fill, you can buy 5 gallon jugs of water at most grocery stores or Wal-mart its a cheap and fast solution. Ten Two Liter Bottles or 5 Gallon jugs of water will keep a family of 4 in drinking water for just over a week, should it be required (approximately 1 gallon per person). Add to your supply each week, and soon you’ll have a month supply, quietly sitting there in your basement, storage shed, or your designated storage area in your home. Here’s  a great link about water and how to store you water safely which is really important. http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/infographic-the-lowdown-on-water-storage-01042014

Look into Water Purification Method water wont last forever depending on the diaster – If you run out of bottled water, you’ll need to purify any water you manage to collect. You can use water purifcation tablets and or water filters, they even have these new  water bottles that are good for x amount of times to purify water. Its your prep you decide the best way.  for example

Life Straw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw  or Survivor Filter – Virus Tested Cleanable Portable Water Filter for Camping and Emergency with 0.05 Micron 3 Stage Filtration – 100,000L Membrane,


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