Eating Meat

I have discussed things with friends about the sensitivity of people and how its getting out of control. No one can have a conversation without it being sterilized and without controversy or else someone will get offended, god forbid their belief system become a topic of debate anymore.  Michael Hunter a restaurateur in Canada was being picketed by vegans for serving meat in his restaurant. The locavore restaurant, which prides itself on using local and regional ingredients, says its menu “is rural to its roots” and “aims to celebrate the wild culinary delights of Canada.” Menu items, which the protesters clearly do not approve of, include rack of deer and a Game Burger made with wild boar, bison and deer. Even the pappardelle has braised rabbit. On occasion, the restaurant “cooks game meats over an open fire pit, in true rustic style.” Bug vegans say an animal is an animal and it doesn’t matter we shouldn’t eat meat. John Legend’s wife was recently attacked over eating bacon.Antler as her protesting focal point to debunk what she calls a myth that raising animals in pastures free from hormones and antibiotics is more ethical than factory farming, she told The Daily Globe and Mail. She said it’s not ethical-free meat no matter what people say its murder. So my debate would be plants are alive and can feel stimuli , so my argument is it unethical for them to eat veggies because they are alive and feel stimuli. Just because they don’t have eyes and we cant hear them scream when they are being eaten makes it ok right? 

So what does the bible say about eating meat if its such a sin:

Yes, Adam and Eve were most likely vegetarian in the garden of Eden. God gave them all the fruit of the trees to eat in the garden (Genesis 2). But the fall changed everything. At the fall humanity’s relationship with God was broken as was humanity’s relationship with all the animals (Genesis 3).

After the flood, God gave the animals as food for humanity to eat (Genesis 9). Later, the sacrifice of animals and the spilling of their blood for Israel’s sin was to point to fact that a death was needed for God to forgive sins (Exdous 12).

So the death of animals points to 2 facts; there is a break with man’s relationship with the creation he was created to govern; a death is needed to bring humanity back into a right relationship with God. The true death that brought humanity back into relationship with God was the death of Jesus (Romans 5:8-9). The sacrificial death of animals pointed to the death of Jesus and how he has paid for humanities sins. What we need to do is accept his death on our behalf.

Knowing this, is it alright for Christians to eat meat? Yes, because God has given animals to humanity for food. Also Jesus said that all foods are clean, to say that a Christian cannot eat anything is wrong (Mark 7). Christians can eat all foods, because Jesus said so. And Jesus also ate fish after his resurrection and so we know that meat is definitely not wrong for Christian’s to eat (John 21).

For Christian’s food is no where near as important as our relationship with Jesus. If people do not eat meat but pay no attention to Jesus, then it does not matter what they do, they are displeasing God. It is not wrong to be a vegetarian, it is not wrong to be carnivorous, it is not wrong to be omnivorous or vegan. Its about  one set having a superiority complex that their way is better, but the fact remains true: For something to live something must die! That is the natural order of things.

So both sides of the coin, I think that no matter what, people should let people live their lives do what makes you happy and quit worrying about everyone else and worry about  damn yourself.

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