10 Things A New Prepper Should Do Part 2

On to step 2 before we go there I would like to suggest, if you have a library care, or a kindle, nook or any other reader you look into getting some prepping books, as I said before sometimes they can be daunting but you can flip thru them and see if anything catches your eye, recently I was able to get this book on my kindle unlimited THE 10 STEP PREPPERS SURVIVAL GUIDE: Gear, Food, Survival Kit, Bug Out Bag, Supplies, Medical, Security, And Other Important Things To Cover When SHTF And WROL Happens Kindle Edition.  It gave me some good ideas in some areas I really truly overlooked. See even I am not the end all be all in knowledge when it comes to this 😀 

Lets get to the icky one so we can move on to other better things in our next posts I wanted to make this a short one since each persons ability to plan for this is so different. Like myself I have a septic tank, I don’t have city sewage so as long as i have access to water I can flush my toilet into my septic system.

Any reliable survival guide will tell you that sanitation and hygiene are really important in a disaster scenario. It’s not pretty to think about, but what if your toilet won’t work?

It’s not exactly the most pleasant aspect of prepping but it’s a possibility that you need to prepare for. Putting together a basic sanitation kit is easy -“ you can do it with these items:

  • 2 5-gallon buckets with a lids (one for liquids, one for solids)
  • Kitchen garbage bags
  • Chlorinated lime (found at home improvement stores) or cat litter

Liquids can generally be dumped somewhere non-invasive because urine is typically sterile and doesn’t represent quite the same health risks that fecal matter does. If you’d rather, you can also buy a kit with a toilet seat, use a camp-style portable toilet, or build an outhouse if you live in a rural area. Your prep is about your area and your ideas on how best to safeguard you and your community. But this is a big one and something that needs to be addressed. Some of my friends have found used Porto potties and found ways to safety dispose of the waste after practice and videos, again this is what you are comfortable with.

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