Amor Fati: Aranya & Xiyang Qi Coming Soon March 2023

Amor Fati has taken on a life of its own. There are two main characters per book who navigate dating and the place in the world I created. What I love about this book is that it brings in a whole new race of people and how they navigate their world, our world, throw in the big bad, and of course, Gods, who can’t stop interfering. The dark is coming, determined to rip them apart and destroy them. Can they survive and save both worlds? I have decided to do something I never did before, and I hope you are as excited as I am when you see what I have done.

Regarding using my name for the female MC I haven’t picked a great name. plus I needed a filler that I would remember. So until I come up with a good name that fits the requirements of my female MC, then Aranya it is.

I have jumped way out of my comfort zone for my main characters. I have two WIP and a total of twenty-two outlines for characters that will be introduced in one way or another in the first three books. I hope that you are excited as I am. Due to some health issues, rewrites, edits, classes, and incorporating the lore in books one and two, I may fall behind and release in March 2023. I have noticed that I have become that author who has to do that one book that builds the lore and can be a bit dry and dull, but I am trying to spice it up in the final edits. I have spent time these past few weeks creating inspiration boards, outlines, concept maps, and synopsis for 2,3,4, and 6. Book 5 will be that book when we start seeing a shift, couples learning their powers over the summer on the islands. Aranya, Qi, Luke, and Jake are out in the world finishing their world tour the last city is Taipei, Taiwan. Aranya, Qi, and Luke find Timothy he is alone, but the love of his life is sick with worry both of their sets of parents are missing. The family takes Timothy and Whitney to the island to help save Whitney’s life after something makes her sick. I am still working on the inspiration board and outline. This is a WIP, so I will get back to you with a book 5 post and outline Timothy for you.

Name of books so far:

Book 1: Amor Fati: Aranya & Xiyang Qi

Book 2: Amor Fati: Jake & Luke

Book 3: Amor Fati: Jax & Wilder

Book 4: Amor Fati: Nate and Vincent

Book 5: Amor Fati: Timothy & Whitney

Book 6: Amor Fati: Rachel: Arabella & Amy

It’s getting closer will be able to survive.

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I will keep you updated on my progress. See you guys soon!

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