Book 1: E-Sports Grand Opening Performance

I spent three months working on this piece. It is a theatrical music event, encompassing many forms of art from sleeve dancing, wire foo, wire work, martial arts, quick change, and special friends. I am very proud of this section of my book. This part is crucial to show that my female lead can hold her own against the dark forces. It shows she has worked hard in her training and can take care of herself; by her side, her husband, her twin brother Luke, and the rest of their families will fight the epic battle in the last book to save the world and their race of people from doom. When the final text is done I will have incorporated fantasy and reality into their fighting skills. But since that is a long way off, I am thrilled. On a side note, I found a book tucked away that I did a few years ago. I did extensive research on the Mayan people, and I think with the way these books are developing, I can use this book which is about 1/8 of the way in and incorporate the lead as one of the missing siblings. Who knows, one never knows where a sidetrack might take you. It might be your worst mistake or your best decision ever. No matter what your dreams are, you can achieve them with hard work and dedication. Fighting!

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An example of using a sleeve, wirework, martial arts, fans, and swords.

Our Aranya will be performing similar feats like this in the air at the stadium

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