Book 4: Nate & Vincent Always You (ไม่เคยไม่รัก) by Zee Pruk

I think you noticed that I love music by the hot-boys gang Domundi TV. They have music specific to a feeling they are trying to project. Whether it be love or yearning, they hit the mark. They get those feelings of what I want for music for my couples, whether male or female. They know how to get my creative juices flowing, especially for the three BL couples. I want to represent the LGBTQIA+ community in my books and hope to do it justice. One of my couples could lose a life mate when they fight the big bad. Love and loss, but I know I will never have the heart to kill off anyone in my beloved BL couples. Sorry other couples, but I have my favorites too. I want others to love my BL couples, I want to portray them as real people, not just characters in my book. I want people to connect on a level I connected to when I first began writing their POV.

Nate is unsure of how to deal with the reality of his love and how to navigate it. He always assumed he would have a wife and children, not that he preferred, but it was what he believed. He becomes insecure when he accepts that Vincent is the person he will love for eternity. Would they be able to make it of destiny? Vincent is a handful and very naughty. Nate is organized and structured. He has come to care for his new family. Can he have a relationship with a man who disregards his daily safety? They are two different sides of a coin, and they will have to find a way to unite to make their love a reality. This song will inspire the proposal when Nate realizes there is no one else but Vincent, that it was always him. When the big bad attacks his sister, Vincent shows that he is willing and able to fight with Nate to save his family and the world.

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