Book 2 Luke and Jake เพลง Never Say Fort – Peat Ost บรรยากาศรัก เดอะซีรีส์ Love in The Air

Thank you to those who left me a message and gave me lots of encouragement. I appreciate those looking forward to my first book in my series. For those on Twitter, thank you to the #WritingCommunity that stepped in there and gave me great advice. Thank you to those who visit my new Facebook page Aranya Altair, which I am still working on. So now that all the thank you’s are done, I will get on to the update for today.

I got up early this morning and felt I would have a slow morning getting started on work. It is OK. I am OK with it. I realized I was pushing myself way too hard for a date and should let it flow, or the story would suffer for it. Yesterday I jotted down all about the seduction scene. Jake needs to win Luke back. He has returned to the United States and resolved his destiny not to be with Jake this lifetime, and he looks like crap. That is until he sees Jake. He is upset with this staff for allowing Jake to be there but says nothing. He keeps to himself. During the live show, his dancers pull him to a sofa to sit, and Jake takes over. First, he has to tell Luke he is sorry and that he never wanted anyone else, loves only him, and will never allow anything to happen. He needs to tell Luke and in front of an audience no less. How could that not prove that he is sincere, he just declared his love on live TV? Once Jake sees a light of hope, and light comes into Luke’s eyes he sets his plan in motion. Let the on-stage seduction begin Future Emperor, and Empress Aranya and Qi are waiting backstage to sing a few songs just for them, along with his newfound brothers. This blitz attack by Jake, their friends, and his family was unexpected. It will be the most crucial night of Luke’s life. Will this couple get another chance, or will Luke & Jake walk away from this in defeat? The world hangs in the balance.
Are you ready to see how I visually Luke & Jake? All books’ posts and their characters now have a character representation as their cover picture. These representations help me stay true to the character’s descriptions, build and facial hair, length, and eye intensity. Plus I think it’s cool as you read the updates that you see the character as I do.
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