Book 2: Jake & Luke – Immature By Arclipse The twins Aranya & Luke and their Lore

Today I will work on The Fates, Ara, and Luke’s origins lore when I changed tracks and decided on twins. It added depth to the two characters. It also filled a hole in my lore I needed to fill. The feeling of finding a long-lost brother has enhanced their interactions and their love for one another. The instant connection they felt when they first met has only magnified into true Twining. A gift they shared in their past life together. I want to give them justice. I know I should be working on Book 1, but I feel since Ara and Luke find each other in Book 1 and I need to complete their origins lore before I can continue on the side story that includes them. While we touch a little bit on it in book 1, there is not sufficient room in book 1 to thoroughly explain it all. Who they are, and what they mean to the world. I think the Prologue of book 2 is a great place to drop it right into your laps so we can move on to getting the twins with their life mates and lead their siblings to their own. The next big lore-building book will be Rachel’s book is further down in the series. There will be three women, a mother, her daughter, and her true love. This story has so many twists I have put it down on the list to give me time to get those creative juices flowing. I love Rachel’s book outline and the first few chapters I threw together. There have been some suggestions on her lore, and some I already had, and boy, is that a doozy! Hi Rachel!

It will pump you up for the rest of the book. The big bad is coming. So I am going to get started.

Today is an all-and-out war on my book. I will do at least 15 hours of work and not come up for air except for necessities. I will not allow anything to distract me. Wish me Luck

#TheDarkisComing#AmorFati#WillYouBeready#AreYouReady Arc Lipse is.

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