Book 5: Amor Fati: Timothy & Whitney

I have been trying to find names for this couple since it will be one of the more unique stories. Someone send me a message yesterday and asked about the names. They are the names of people I know, and even my name is used. It’s because in every character I have created something about them, an attribute, personality trait, and caring nature or just being them has drawn me to them. It’s like I see a quality my character has that matches with the person, that name becomes the character. Do the people mind? I tell them or ask them depending on the plot. I guess you would have to ask them how they feel about it. But there have been many great laughs, especially with my character inspirations of the Bl couples. It just makes sense that so many great people in my life have made an impression on me and this is my way to honor them.

Book 5 is different, Aranya had a vision that her next brother would be in Taipei Taiwan. They needed to hurry and send someone he would be in trouble.

Timothy’s parents were from Scottsdale Arizona, from the Pima Maricopa Indian Community ( Funny in all my books we are either in the gulf of Thailand or on the Reservation). Both sets of parents were on vacation but for two separate reasons in Taipei, Taiwan. Timothy did not want to go on some hot tour and wanted to stay by the pool, he had just turned sixteen. Whitney was also sixteen, the family was from Keāa Kala her magical wonderful home.

Whitney’s parents were on the same tour, they said they were looking for someone for the Emperor and had to find them. Hoping the tour will give them an idea of where to start. While both sets of parents left for the tour, Timothy and Whitney met at the pool and hit it off. After a few hours at the pool, they heard people whispering while walking back to their rooms. A tour bus had gone off the road, and people were either dead or missing. Timothy and Whitney were the only ones with no adult to help them. Timothy’s hotel was good for three more days, and Whitney’s parents had reserved the hotel room for six months in preparation for their search. She had no idea what they were looking for.

Whitney asks Timothy to help, and they make a pact to help each other find either their parents or what her parents were looking for. Whitney had to call the travels office in Keāa Kala better known to the residence as, “Quest Central”.The Emperor approved of Whitney taking over her parent’s quest and provided money and accommodations for both Timothy and Whitney so they could finish her parent’s search. Timothy had a crash course on Keāa Kala.

The emperor knew that the quest had already been completed. Whitney’s parents were sent to Taipei to find Timothy Whitney’s lifemate. It was only time before nature took its course, or will it? The Dark is coming, Timothy and Whitney will need to run from its minions and find that love can conquer things that go bump in the night.


#TheDarkisComing #AmorFati #WillYouBeready #AreYouReady Arc Lipse is.

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