Book 1: Aranya & Xiyang Qi – Blank Space Taylor Swift.

I am running far behind today, and I sat and stared at a blank page for 20 minutes and got up to make coffee. I did some edits and removed some of the emotional commas I love so much. So heartbreaking to see them go. When I am on a roll, run-on sentences are a thing. Life has been crazy with all the things I have to do every day that does not include my writing this series. But I am very passionate about it. If my brain could create physical movies, Books 1-5 would have been released and completed as of last night. I can dream my books, see the story unfold, and see how my creative mind sees everything. I even have a rewind feature when something doesn’t seem right, and I rewrite it on the fly. One day they will have something that scans us and writes our books from our dreams, but I will be long dead before that happens. So until then, I have to do it the hard way.

Today I am writing the section where Future Emperor and Empress crown King & Queen Xiyang Qi and Aranya arrive back in China with everyone in tow. The team has a match in a few days, and they need to rest desperately before they leave. Aranya needs to get her team together and coordinate the travel of both groups, Qi’s team, and Aranya’s staff. She would go with Xiyang Qi. They agreed to stick together during the tour. When they arrived, the team manager Yihan Fenhua aka Joker, was waiting for them on the tarmac. Joker informs Qi that there is trouble and they need to get to the arena fast. He had a van waiting to take them all there. Zhao Yìchén and Xiao Mi appear in this scene and hold a press conference at Xiyang Qi’s brand new Esports venue, claiming that Xiyang Qi and Aranya’s relationship was staged and fake for publicity. They were their significant others and were there to set the record straight. The piece must be perfect in creating this toxic bond between Xiao Mi and our MCs, and Zhao Yìchén with Aranya since she was twelve. Both suffer from Obsessive Love Disorder (OLD)


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